The end is here

Chris + Erinn personal

No, not the end of the world!  Don’t worry! I’m talking the wallet-sucking, dog-attracting, stink-inducing, seemingly-neverending life with diapers. That chapter has come to an end, and oh are we rejoicing!  After 6+ years and three kids, I can’t imagine how much we’ve spent in diapers, wipes, Diaper Genie refills, carpet cleaner (when the dogs get to a dirty one). It wasn’t so bad when they were newborns, you could buy a box of like 2,000 diapers and be set for a month. But with twins, it’s doubly expensive. With twins that don’t want to be potty trained, it gets even more expensive. We’re now into the boxes of diapers that only fit like 15, and we have to buy two boxes every time. Grrrr. There goes date night.

But finally, in the last month, we’ve pushed it. They started preschool yesterday, and they HAD to be trained. So we did all the usual bribery tricks. Our girl got it first, our boy said yes one day, and no the next. But eventually, they were both good. Jumping up on their own to run to the bathroom cuz “the peepee was coming”. Granted, we still throw a diaper on them at night just to be safe, but that’s nothing.

So to celebrate the occasion, this monumental moment, we had to do a photo shoot (of course!). So we took the whole family on a two-hour drive last Sunday through the west deserts of Utah, toward Nevada, to the Bonneville Salt Flats. If you’ve never been to the Salt Flats, you’re missing out.  If you’ve seen Independence Day, and the scene where Will Smith leads the convoy of Winnebagos across an endless flat desert of white toward Area 51, then you know what the Salt Flats look like. It’s where they set the land speed records for cars.

We brought all the supplies we needed for this one shot. And it worked. Exactly as we wanted to. Unlike potty training, we nailed this on the first try! And just for all you that might worry about their safety, no they weren’t actually holding a flaming torch or standing next to a burning box of diapers.