Chris & Erinn Austin of White Haute Photography

About White Haute Photography

We love what we do, and we do what we love.

Photography is our passion, born from two creative minds that have always seen the beauty in the world. Chris would capture it through the lens of a camera, while Erinn chose the paint and brush.

We met in 2000, and in 2007 we started our life together as husband and wife. Chris had already been a professional photographer for three years, and Erinn was tired of losing him for ten hours on Saturdays. She picked up a camera, began shooting family portrait sessions, high school senior photos and the occasional engagement session, and instantly fell in love.

We are thankful for the life we have now here in Salt Lake City. Three amazing children warm our hearts, keep us laughing and keep us equally sleep-deprived. To watch your children grow before your eyes is an amazing experience, one that humbles us like nothing else could. It makes us better people, and better photographers. Knowing how precious memories can be for a family, for a newly married couple just starting out, drives us to be the best we can be every day, and to be even better the day after that.

We cannot wait to share laughs with you, to shed a tear of joy for you, to smile and joke and bring out the inner you that you always known has been there for all the world to see. We create photos. We create memories. And we get to do it together.

We believe in love, because we have seen it in action. We have seen the love two people share as they embark on a new life together as a married couple. We see the love for a baby yet to be born, and the renewed sense of purpose in the eyes of the parents. We see the love of a family spending time together laughing and being silly in front of the camera.

We believe in you as well. We know being in front of the camera can be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable. We know kids won’t always cooperate when you want them to. We know sometimes the weather can be just as difficult. But all of that is ok with us, because we know we can bring out the best in you. Why don’t you give us a call or shoot us a quick e-mail, and let’s talk about how we can exceed your expectations!

Our style

It’s hard to describe just what one’s “style” is, as so many descriptions seem to sound the same.  As professional wedding and lifestyle photographers in Utah, we like to capture the raw emotion, the real moments, as much as possible.  Sure, we can pose you into the most epic photo you could imagine, but will it mean more to you than the unexpected shot of you and your loved one sharing an intimate moment together?  Will the perfectly-posed family portrait be representative of who you are as much as when you all pile on Daddy and everyone is laughing and smiling?  Or will your senior portrait be as uniquely “you” if you’re photographed in a studio instead of on a set of deserted train tracks with your favorite guitar under your arm?

Our job is to show the world who YOU are.  We want to get those real expressions of love and laughter more than anything else.  That’s why we will spend quite a bit of time getting to know you before our shoot.  If we are planning an engagement session, we’ll get to know the hobbies you two share together and incorporate that somehow.  If we are photographing your family, we’ll suggest wearing clothing that suits each individual personality (no matching jeans and white shirts anymore!).  We want these photos to reflect you, so each and every photo can be a peek into your life at that exact moment.

We also prefer to work in natural light as much as possible.  You may see different examples from various photographers when it comes to their use of light.  We have come to love natural light and the beauty of the sun by itself. When you look around to some of the amazing locations in Utah for engagement photos, how could you possibly not love the gorgeous light this state provides?!  Bear that in mind when you are planning your session, as we will look to shoot during the “golden hour” in late afternoon as much as possible.  The sun offers a beautiful golden backlight to our portrait subjects, softens the photo, and offers a timeless look.  But don’t worry either about clouds; they are naturally a photographer’s best friend and we’ll happily explain why!

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