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Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions
on January 8, 2013  by Chris  has No Comment

White Haute Photography  is pleased to announce we will be hosting a weekend of Valentine’s Day mini...

Exquisite Weddings Magazine Fashion Shoot :: Casa Romantica
on November 29, 2012  by Chris  has No Comment

San Diego Style Weddings // Published
on October 4, 2012  by Chris  has 1 Comment

It was a huge honor, and humbling, to walk onto the amazing grounds of the La Costa Resort & Spa last...

The perfect outfit for the perfect session!
on July 11, 2012  by Chris  has No Comment

The engagement session is a funny thing.  Years ago, no one did an engagement session, it only in recent...

Vote for us as 2012 Photographer of the Year
on June 19, 2012  by Chris  has No Comment

Find us on the A-List White Haute Photography

San Diego Style Weddings :: Cover
on September 28, 2011  by Chris  has No Comment

The 2012 edition of San Diego Style Weddings magazine has hit newsstands, and we’re proud to announce...

To see or not to see… the First Look conundrum
on September 23, 2011  by Chris  has No Comment

With the wedding industry changing so rapidly over the last few years, one of the biggest trends from...

2011 Holiday Mini-Shoots now available!
on September 8, 2011  by Chris  has No Comment

White Haute Photography and E.D. Austin Photography are pleased to announce our 2011 Holiday photo sessions...

Of Life, Love, and Lil’ Ones
on March 11, 2011  by Chris  has 1 Comment

During our wedding “off” season, which in Southern California is almost non-existent, photographers...

White Haute Photography logo
on February 5, 2011  by Chris  has No Comment

San Diego Style Weddings Magazine
on October 21, 2010  by Chris  has 1 Comment

So last night we were treated to an amazing party by Dena, Kailyn and the staff at San Diego Style Weddings...

My hometown is, well, kind of a big deal
on May 28, 2010  by Chris  has No Comment

So, if you didn’t know, I grew up in the beach town of Encinitas, just north of San Diego.  It’s...

Sarah + Jason :: A Temecula Anniversary
on May 2, 2010  by Chris  has 4 Comments

It’s always an honor to be asked by another photographer to shoot portraits of their family. ...

The world, frozen in time
on April 20, 2010  by Chris  has No Comment

This looks like a really cool project, and I hope all of you, professional photographer or not, will...

Good times with Flash Mobs
on April 20, 2010  by Chris  has No Comment

Whether or not you watch the show Glee, and whether or not you’ve ever heard the term “flashmob”,...