Michael + Morgan :: A Newport Beach engagement


Why do lollipops always, without fail, bring out the kid in us?  Is it the sugar, the bright color, or the memories that take you back in time?  With Michael and Morgan, it wasn’t just the lollipops that made this day special.  Factor in the Ferris wheel, a game of skeeball, a quick ride on a beach cruiser, and a romantic afternoon on the sands of Newport Beach, and you had a day to remember.  It was clear from the the nonstop laughter, smiles and kissing that these two were meant for each other, completely in love.  If their engagement session is any indication of what their wedding will be like in a few weeks, we couldn’t be more excited.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they…

Drew + Sarah :: An Orange County Engagement


When you step into the home of Drew and Sarah, it’s like stepping back in time to a much, much more hip era.  In their 1950’s throwback house, cool in every way (right down to the story of the famous previous owner), these two put on a display of just how perfect they are for each other, how much love they share together, and how perfect their life will be going forward.  We had a blast checking out the cool areas of old town Fullerton, and it made us look forward even more to their wedding at the Viceroy in Palm Springs!

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