Summer Huntsville Snowbasin Engagement session

Snowbasin Engagement Session

Chris + Erinn Engagements

Exploring the rolling hillsides and luscious meadows that grace the mountains at Snowbasin Resort in Huntsville, UT is what we call the perfect photo opportunity. So when Rio and Kalab decided on a Huntsville engagement session in the peak of summer, we couldn’t say no. The wildflowers were out in full force, and that dreamy evening light was as magical …

Michael + Morgan

Chris + Erinn Engagements

Why do lollipops always, without fail, bring out the kid in us?  Is it the sugar, the bright color, or the memories that take you back in time?  With Michael and Morgan, it wasn’t just the lollipops that made this day special.  Factor in the Ferris wheel, a game of skeeball, a quick ride on a beach cruiser, and a romantic afternoon …