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Kiptyn + Samm

Being a maternity photographer in Orange County, we get to celebrate one of life’s great treasures; the nine months of pregnancy and all the joy that comes along with it. Kiptyn and Samm are soulmates, finding each other exactly when the time was right.  Now they are celebrating the next chapter in their lives.  Kiptyn and I went to high school together down in San Diego, where he still resides and stays involved in local causes such as the Switchfoot Bro-Am that takes place at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas each summer. This Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad alum and the gorgeous mommy-to-be took to the hills and beaches of Southern California’s stunning Laguna Beach for their maternity session, and it was an honor to be there with them to capture this special time in their life. Congratulations on your new baby boy Kiptyn and Samm!

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Justin + Tiffani

We first met these two lovebirds several years ago, and it has been a wonderful adventure watching them come together, first as boyfriend and girlfriend for an amazing Big Bear engagement session in the snow, then as husband and wife celebrating at their stunning and rustic Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse wedding just north of Santa Barbara.  Now they are welcoming the next chapter of their life, a new baby, and we were honored to be a part, once again, of this special moment.Read More

Ryan + Desiree

Ryan and Desiree Fortin had struggled for years to realize their dream of starting a family. Finally, through a lot of prayer and the miracles of modern science, they found out they were going to have twins. But that only lasted a short while, as a follow-up ultrasound revealed the true nature of the pregnancy; there weren’t just two heartbeats in there, there were three. It all culminated in one of the cutest “gender reveal” parties where their guest were unaware of the third baby to be announced to the world. You can check out the “Our TRIPLET Reveal: BEST kept secret!!!!” video below, which has been seen by over 3 million people.

Not only are these two of the sweetest and kindest people you’ll ever meet, they are deserving of every blessing imaginable. We had gone through a very similar path to our family, struggling with infertility and unable to conceive naturally. But through the ups and downs, the heartache and heartbreak, we now have three beautiful children. Ryan and Desiree are going to have three beautiful babies of their own, and we’re so excited to be able to share this time in their life and cannot wait to meet the little miracles later this year!