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SwoOn Paper Market

Today we start a new feature on the White Haute blog, highlighting some of our favorite wedding vendors that we love, and we know you will love.  We call them Haute Vendors.  We understand that planning your wedding is a daunting task, and finding the right people to make your day extra special can seem overwhelming.  Suggestions from friends and relatives are great, but recommendations from those of us in the industry who get to see vendors working at every wedding can be invaluable to you.  We want your day to be the best it can be, and that means getting the right people behind you every step of the way.

In these features, we want to give you a peek inside some of the best in the business in Southern California weddings.  From florists to DJs, invitations to coordinators, videographers to gown designers, hair and makeup artists to cake and desserts.  We hope to provide you a little help in picking just the right vendor for your wedding.  And as an added bonus, many of these vendors will give you a discount on their services if you let them know we referred you!

Our first featured Haute Vendor is Lauren from Swoon Paper Market.  Beautiful inside and out, she can take even the most simple idea you have in your head and turn it into amazing hand-crafted and unique invitations, wedding signage, styled shoots and more!

SwOon Paper Market logo

When did you first start SwoOn?  What was the inspiration for the name and the business?  

I started taking on side projects throughout college, while earning my marketing degree. I would create acrylic paintings for friends and their parents and designs for sorority tee shirts; I always enjoyed having that creative outlet. I started doing more and more invitations and event details, and realized:

A) I was the most fulfilled when creating. It energized me.

B) There was a gap in the market for a company that could come in and create and execute a customized event concept that would essentially brand the event to be so very unique to the individuals involved.

I officially launched SwoOn Paper Market earlier this year, to follow my passion of creating beautiful things for people to cherish as part of their most special occasions.

The word swoon evokes feelings of love, butterflies in your stomach, and pure joy; the feelings I experience when I see a new SwoOn invitation design printed for the first time, or when I imagine-up a concept that would perfectly blend two people and their individual styles.


What is your background in art and design?

I started painting at a very young age, and evolved through different mediums through the years. From finger-paints (kidding but not really), to watercolor and eventually to acrylic. Fairly early on, I realized I had a keen eye for design. I could envision what something was going to look like before creating it, and wouldn’t stop until each graphic element was exactly where it needed to be, to be balanced and to portray the message I was trying to get across.


Lauren Sparacino Gardner

Tell us a little about you personally

 I’m a little bit of a homebody, and would take a dinner-in and Yahtzee match with my fiancé over a night out, any day. With that being said, I LOVE exploring new restaurants around the city, going on hikes at Torrey Pines, taking our Golden Retriever and Malti-poo (who we endearingly refer to as our children) to dog beach in Coronado, and blogging about do-it-yourself projects that I tackle on the weekends.

 My fiancé Jordan and I are gearing up to a move to Orange County this year, so I’m excited to explore a new city and introduce SwoOn to a brand new market.


How would you explain your style of design? 

My designs are whimsical with a modern twist and an unmistakably hand-made feel. I never want anything I create to feel mass-produced or “expected”. I love incorporating bright colors, like a pop of chartreuse, with more subtle earth tones; sharp shapes with hand-painted floral elements.


What are your strengths, fav mediums, etc?

I love combining hand-painted acrylic designs with digital design elements. I love playing with a variety of fonts and spacing to achieve a desired look and feel. I love hand-written calligraphy and have more recently been breaking out the wood-burning pen to create beautiful wood-burned cake toppers.

Aside from a keen eye for design, my extreme organization and attention to detail has really enabled me to excel on the business end of things. An appreciation of the importance of details, combined with an insatiable need to create are two of the driving factors behind SwoOn.

What do you hope to convey through your design?

The ultimate goal is cohesion; to create a recognizable “brand” for any event that is felt through all of the paper elements and event details. Through my designs, I hope to convey the very same feelings that the word swoon evokes in me. Feelings of first falling in love, of butterflies in your stomach; but most of all, I aim to convey what it is that makes these individuals tick. What makes their love unique (in the case of wedding designs), or the excitement and wonder a child experiences the morning before his or her third birthday (when creating birthday decorations/banners/centerpieces).

Tell us a little about the design process from the client’s perspective.  What are the usual steps? How can a client make the most of the process and what they get out of it?

There are two ways people can bring SwoOn into their event:

1. They can utilize our custom services, which can be selected á la carte, or through bundled packages. (!services/c23bo)

Let’s say a couple selected the Event Branding Bundle for their wedding. This includes a custom digital invitation, a corresponding event logo and one add-on item (a menu, program, instagram sign, welcome signage, cake topper, place cards, etc.).

That couple would then meet with me so I could learn a little bit more about them and their partner, their design style, and the overall feel they are looking to achieve through these stylized paper elements.

After the initial meeting, I start creating these items that should “talk” to each other. This doesn’t mean everything is matchy-matchy with the same boarders and all fonts in the same color – no, that is not the desired effect. The items I create come from the same family but have variations and things that make each item unique and special. That way, your guests experience a consistent feel throughout your event, without feeling like a mass-produced template was used ten times over.

Once drafts are complete, I will do rounds of revisions with the couple, to ensure everything is perfect, wording is correct and colors are on par. For some of the bundles (the Event Branding Bundle included), these items are delivered via digital copy, meaning the couple then has rights to the art and can order copies through any print service, however there is always the option to add on printing services through SwoOn.

Clients will really get the most out of this process because everything is created just for them and their special day, and the goal is to convey the uniqueness they have as a couple, through the event details.

2. The second way someone can bring SwoOn into their event is through purchasing already-created items from our Etsy shop. I customize these designs upon checkout (with names, dates, times etc.), and a high resolution JPEG file is then sent to the customer in 2-3 days. Little event details are also available for purchase on the site, so this is a good way for people to add some hand-made elements to their event, without the time it takes to get something custom, created from scratch.


What future plans do you have for the business?

For the short term, I plan on continuing to be very intentional with the limited number of events I take on each month, so I can really focus my time creating something very special for the people I work with. I am excited to see how SwoOn will evolve over the upcoming months and years, but as long as the goal of creating custom, breathtaking designs and event details for my customers remains the same, I’ll be one happy and creatively fulfilled gal.


How can people interact with you?  (Links to social media, how to contact you, etc)

Questions or design inquiries: [email protected]


As a bonus to clients and friends of White Haute Photography, mention you were referred by us and Swoon Paper Market will take 15% off your services!

Modern Bouquet

Modern Bouquet
ph: 760.845.9698

Your wedding flowers can honestly take your wedding decor from being boring and basic to amazing and memorable.  There is such a difference that is easily noticeable when you see a true professional design a bouquet or a centerpiece.  The ladies over at Modern Bouquet, especially the owner, Hannah, are incredible at what they do, and there’s no one we’ve found that does it better.  They can take your vision, whether it is scribbled on a piece of paper or carefully researched through Pinterest and Google searches, and turn the idea into beautiful reality.  Be sure to check out their web site for more gorgeous flower designs, and don’t hesitate to contact them for your upcoming wedding.  Tell her that Chris + Erinn sent you!